"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."   - Frank Lloyd Wright



The Richman Residence

Willamina, OR

This beautiful home was built by Wes Tjunderlund. It overlooks breathtaking views of the pasture lands in the Willamina creek valley.  The combination of angles and curves marry well together throughout the space.  The main living space has an open plan with high vaulted ceilings reaching to a light cascading cupola.  A Tulikivi stone masonry stove stands in the center of the space radiating heat around the house.  There is also a second bedroom in the main space.  The master suite is adjacent separated by a vast sunroom that has light coming from all directions.  The proof is in the details on this house.  Enjoy.

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Casa Des Colores

Talent, OR

This 3 bedroom 3 bath straw bale house was customed designed for color! My vibrant client has been collecting art and furniture from around the world for many years. She has an amazing sense of space and spectrum. Every square foot was designed for a specific rug, painting, sculpture, or piece of furniture. It has an open and welcome floor plan that echos the softness of the straw bale walls throughout. The interior finish was kept simple so as to showcase the colorful displays throughout. The home was built by my good friend, John DiFruscia, who is also responsible for these stunning photographs. Thank you.

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The Fisher Residence

Merrit, BC

This beautifully designed home is nestled in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. It initially began in design development as a straw bale home and was changed to an insulated concrete form (ICF) design. The client created the basic design of the house and Organicforms Design added the finishing touches. It is a 1-1/2 story home with a full basement below and a open loft above. It also features exposed posts and beams, a light and open kitchen/ living area, comfortable and inviting window seating, and rustic detailing throughout. And of course, as with straw bale, the ICF's provide solid, well insulated peace within. Thank you.

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The Byington Residence

Trinidad, CO

This beautiful single story home sits atop a hill above the wild west town of Trinidad, Colorado and looks across the valley to Fishers Peak on one side and over to the Spanish Peaks on the other. As you can see from the photos, the client had an incredible eye for finishes. From the beetle kill wood finish in the kitchen to the tiled window seats and the marblized acid stained concete floor, attention to detail was excecuted brilliantly. I had the great opportunity to visit the home after it was completed and it held such an amazing feeling within it's thick walls. Every room had something to offer the senses.

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Rise Up! Bakery

Little Applegate, OR

This was a great project with some extra special people. Located on Full Bloom Farm in southern Oregon, This striking two story octagonal straw bale building is the home of Rise Up! Bakery, an old world artisan style bakery, that has quickly become the local favorite of many in the Rogue valley and beyond. The building features a commercial kitchen and dining area that is used by the families and friends that live on the farm. There are offices, a kid's play room, and a reading library on the second floor. The kitchen was designed around an epic wood fired baking oven that was imported from Europe and built on site, brick by brick, by European tradesmen. The building structure was engineered by Charles Greenwood of Takilma, OR and the building was brilliantly constructed, pole by pole, by the talented John DiFruscia and his crew. Thank you.

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Mt. Ashland Residence

Ashland, OR

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1600 sqare foot family home lies on the way up to Mt. Ashland, in beautiful southern Oregon. To the south, it showcases beautiful views of the Colstien valley and Mt. Shasta, giving it efficient passive solar capabilities. It is a very simple design that boasts unique inner detailing that creates a sense of "aahh" inside. It has no hallways, utilizes vaulted ceilings and natural finishes that transform the interior into a warm and cozy nest from which to witness the breathtaking views outside. Photos by Jess Danielle.

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The Colestin Residence

Colestin Valley, CA

This three bedroom two story house is located in the quiet and pristene Colestin Valley on the Oregon/California border. There are gorgeous views of the surrounding valley as well as striking views of Mount Shasta. The home design was initialized by the client, and OrganicForms Design provided construction documents, design consulting and modifications such as the south facing clerestory windows taking advantage of the passive solar opportunities that this beautiful site provides. The project contractor was the talented Seth Marsh. The clients hosted baling and earthen-plaster parties where neighbors, friends and myself as well, joined in to lend a hand to this wonderful family.

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The Lamy Residence

Jacksonville, OR

This is a common wall straw bale town house is one of the first completed straw bale homes designed by Organicforms Design and built by Andrew Morrison. Each unit, though similar in plan, have a very different feel, according to the ways and needs of each owner. They both exhibit beautiful acid stained concrete floors with radiant heating, and a living room with a curved wall that is framed on either side with large picture windows. These delightful clients were a joy to work with. Their clear vision and good taste made my job easy and as a result, all involved were very pleased with the results. Thank you.

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